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Objective : A repository of work being undertaken as an exersize in sustainability.

Philosophy: If we can't build cars electric or otherwise that don't outlive the warranties we are not building a sustainable mode of transportation.

Background: I got interested in Electric Vehicles many years ago, remember the Cita Car. I only got started on Building and and ultimately repairing and now modifying or maintaining EV's in the last 5 years. The bulk of this work has centered around the 2002/2003 TOYTA RAV 4 EV.  I never owned a CitaCar but I have owned 3 RAV4 EV's and all three are still operational.

Acknowledgement: Many have assisted me either directly or indirectly via the Internet. I am grateful to all of you. This work is being undertaken in community not industry. we need to support each other and share information.

Commitment : To share information that I own, share and acknowledge the work of others, support those that support the idea of a sustainable Electric Vehicle, whether intend by the manufacturer or not.

Reality Check: I work part time, have limted time and limited finances. Donations and support in both materials and funds greatly appreciated. I am taking some of my developments to small scale production in order to offset costs. Stay tuned. Currently donations and sponsorship available via links above.

Most recent work : updated  January 2021

 1- Leaf OBC History
 2- Rav4EV Project
          Battery install
 3- Kubvan II Conversion
 4- Leaf OBC Fresh Start
 5- Misc leaf stuff

KUbvan Solar pating out a wrecked leaf

Updated January 2021

Projects repositories : These are or will be linked to previous repositories and will be updated as time permits.

Grumman Olsen KUBVAN.



Nissan Leaf re-purposing

The Ford Ranger EV